Today's Golden Words

1. Shutdown can't stop us

2. Johannes V. Langkilde is awesome!

3. Mahatma gave us an interesting lesson on racism in America today

4. Can't find no ***damn Chipotle :(

5. Now: The Bowling Danes

6. We would pay one hundred dollar for a single beer right now...

Understanding Americans: A journey to the United States of America


An end to our adventure


After two amazing and educational weeks in the northeastern part of the United States, the era of The Adventurous Danes has finally come to an end. Throughout our journey, we've strived to understand the conditions of racism in the States. To no one's surprise and from what we've learned, racism is undoubtedly present in the USA. Our experience is that the direct and more evident form of racism has transformed into an invisible racism. Invisible to the victim because no one is racist to the victim's face, but is racist behind the victim's back. This invisible racism has to be dealt with. We are talking about all the prejudices people have. How? What can we do to solve this issue and unify America? No person will be able to solve this issue right away and there definately won't be a solution which every single American will agree to, yet we will give at a try.


Education. Education is key. Through education, one can learn to understand the nature of another culture. You learn to tolerate the differences there are between you and your neighbor who is from another country, culture, religion etc. It's mostly about tolerance and a matter of acceptance. Furthermore, the segregation of ethnicities is making everything worse. It's only in societies where ethnicities are isolated from each other the prejudices have the right survival conditiions. We have to unify the Americans and educate as many as possible, even though we do know that this is a barrage due to the costs of education in the States. That would be our proposal to a solution.







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